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For as much as we love it, baseball is a very small part of the economy and it will suffer ebbs and flows in ancillary revenue just like every other small part of the economy does. The side income that has little to do with actual baseball arrived unexpectedly and will likely leave just as unexpectedly.

More significantly, those TV deals, while currently very long-term propositions, are finite. Technology, the media business as a whole or even laws and politics may totally change the valuation structure of sports broadcasts and those multi-billion dollar deals may become much smaller or, perhaps, even disappear entirely down the road.

I wonder sometimes if big league owners worry about all of this stuff, but then I remember that big league owners are not exactly big on experience when it comes to facing consequences. Jeff Loria drove two baseball teams into the ground and made out like a bandit. Frank McCourt went bankrupt, disgraced himself in stunning public fashion yet still wound up with a financial windfall, bouncing effortlessly to the life of a soccer mogul.

MLB Extra Innings vs. MLB.TV

Most of these guys have lived charmed lives or, at the very least, know when to cut and run, so I doubt most of them are losing sleep over whether or not the current gravy train is sustainable for the long term. In the end, however, the only thing MLB can count on, always, is that it puts on baseball games and that people still like baseball. If it continues down a path in which lots of its money comes from non-baseball sources or sources which are not dependent upon fielding winning baseball teams — and if, in the event, a large number of teams continue to show no actual interest in winning — there will be fewer and fewer fans who care about the game.

Heck, a lot different. And it could have some major consequences for the game as a whole.

MLB Inks Pact With NHL to Handle TV, Streaming Distribution

Follow craigcalcaterra. The Nationals will have three and a half months or so to bask in the glory of winning their first championship in franchise history before getting back to work with the opening of Spring Training. They were on May Manager Dave Martinez was believed to be on the hot seat. From May 24 through the end of the regular season, the Nationals went , securing home field advantage in the NL Wild Card game against the Brewers.

They ran right through the Cardinals in the NLCS with a clean sweep, but found the odds against them once again versus the Astros, who won games during the regular season. The Nationals won the first two games of the World Series, lost the next three, then bounced back to win the final two games to seal the deal. Yet for the Nationals, it was no big deal. It helps to have Anthony Rendon and Juan Soto on offense, too.

And that brings up the million-dollar question: Can the Nationals repeat as champions in ? The team stands to lose Rendon to free agency.

Finally, new (higher) figures surface on Braves' TV deal

Strasburg could opt out of his contract to become a free agent as well. Losing both players would be huge blows, and recovering from them might force the front office to wade into bidding wars for the likes of Gerrit Cole , or shell out more cash on a short-term deal for a player like Josh Donaldson. It may require trading prospects to recover the talent lost to free agency as well.

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Over the last three seasons, Rendon holds a narrow lead over Bregman, Has there been any specifics on financials released and if not I assume they are under no requirement to do so. Sixth highest TV ratings should have garnered the sixth biggest local TV co tract.

Get a front row seat to every game wherever you are with MLB.TV.

But no doubt Nutting is satisfied with some fiendishly small contract. Typical bs. I am thrilled to get richer and hate the people of Pittsburgh. Come here! The Pirates need to move to a better market for baseball. Western PA is so less dense in population, so they kinda have to rely on a wider geographical range for their fans. Pittsburgh is one of the best sports cities in America. The Steelers and Penguins sell virtually every home game and have for over a decade. Travel as well as if not better than any other fan base in sports. And the city supports the Pirates far more than they deserve.

Even in the lousy years most of the last 20 years the pirates have had a very healthy tv marketshare. And then as soon as the team shows promise, they flock back to the stadium. Best stadium in baseball would be laid to waste if the team moved. I do not see that happening.

Did you watch the wild card game? It was 20 years of losing personified. Marlon Byrd stepped on the field to stretch and the crowd went crazy for 4 hours. Pirates also set attendance records in and The problem is, now you have garbage on the field again. No one wants to pay to see a garbage product. We had how many years where even the bobblehead nights were pathetic players like Ronnie Paulino and Paul Maholm, because those bums were the best players on an awful team.

Nutting said if there was a contender on the field and people came out to support them, the payroll would go up. We all know now that was a lie. Blackouts protect the local rightsholders who arrange separate distribution agreements with the teams for their exclusive territories. ET, any other game starting before p. ET, any other game starting between p. You can now watch LIVE baseball on every mobile device.

To authenticate your MLB. Number of HD channels based on package selection. Mix Channel availability subject to limitations. Sports subscriptions cannot be canceled, transferred, refunded, or credited in part or in whole after the season starts. Up until the season starts, you can cancel anytime and receive any applicable refund. Commercial locations require an appropriate licensee agreement. Visit MLB. Learn More.

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